The death of media relations is a perennial favourite from our marketing colleagues. The latest comes from content marketers who proclaim that in our fragmented media landscape where trust is in short supply, content market is the new PR. 

I'm not so sure.

Yes, the PR landscape has changed and will continue to change.  

Yes, there are many competing channels for our ears and eyes. 

Yes, media outlets have the bias and agendas. 

And yes, attention can be bought, albeit fleetingly.

But it was always so. 

Media relations has one huge advantage. It is earned. It isn't, as the self proclaimed 'proven visionary' David Meerman Scott says 'begged attention'. 

Content - whether comment, interviews or op-eds - that are first published in respected national, regional, and trade media carries weight and influence in a way a self published piece simply cannot. 

It is a question of trust. 

And that is why I would argue that content marketing should be driven and underpinned by a good media relations strategy.

Content marketing programmes can take a published theme and develop it further over longer time periods, but having its roots in media relations brings the much needed credibility.