The advertising industry sits on the precipice of a crisis.  Its response to the changing media landscape has not served brands well. 

To argue that it is a matter of trust perhaps underlines the extent of that crisis.  

When the advertisers crow that they now do not mislead consumers - "our washing powder no longer washes whiter than white" - sort of underpins the argument. 

It is as if the advertising industry in all its many parts has forgotten its primary purpose; to sell products, services and ideas.

If brands wish to build trust, they turn to their PR teams.  That is what we do.

Earned editorial, put simply, carries infinitely more weight than an advert.

OK, the boundaries are increasingly blurred, but perhaps it is time for the advertising industry to go back to what it does best: creative campaigns that grab our attention, stir emotions and drive sales.

Trust us - it is what we do best.