Written on 1st April, City A.M.'s office politics contributor Elena Shalneva penned every awful pitch made by PR consultants. 

Whilst tongue in cheek and in spirit of April Fools Day, I suspect it is grounded in the reality of being on the receiving end of the PR pitch.  

PRs in professional services firms generally have it easier than those working for 'me too' tech companies or questionable consumer brands. Journalists, more often or not, will welcome a well timed pitch offering insight or commentary.  But the rules remain the same.

1. Do your homework. Read a title first before making a pitch.

2. Relationships. Try and build relationships with a few really well placed journalists, rather than spray and pray.

3. Put yourself in the reader's shoes.  Will they honestly want to read what you're offering?

4. Email first. If its a really good pitch a journalist will respond.

5. And if you really must chase, choose your timing.