Everyone knows that content is king, but only the court fool would put their entire marketing strategy behind content marketing.

Content marketing is nothing new.  Professional services firms have long used this approach and arguably lead the pack.  It remains of the moment, with the marketing gurus and prophets telling us to drop everything and jump on the content marketing wave. 

Talk of content being 'permanent real estate' and having a 'compound return' impact is just the snake oil salesman's patter. Ignore it.

There can be no doubt that for many businesses content marketing, or marketing communications as we used to call it, should play a role.

But, content marketing needs good content (the clue is in the name).  If your business is selling cupcakes or car tyres then that might be a challenge too far.  Knowledge-based businesses have far more to gain.

By all means embrace content marketing - we have - but it should be part of a wider marketing strategy, not your marketing strategy.