Asking journalists to make a correction is always difficult, but this story doing the rounds on Twitter is just priceless.

Richard Fletcher, business editor at The Times has penned a piece on Mondi, referring to them as a "paper and packaging group".  All pretty harmless. 

But no.  Mondi's PR responds that as the majority of its profits come from packaging the business should be referred to as "a packaging and paper company".

He then asks for the correction - from 'paper and packaging' to 'packaging and paper'.  Let that sink in and read the PR's email (see image).

It is unlikely the PR made the attempt unprompted - his boss was probably stamping his feet (or at least we hope so).  But what should the hapless PR do? 

Too few PRs it seems have the balls to stand up to their bosses, who will be admittedly many years' their senior, and offer the insight and guidance we are being paid to provide.

Take a step back, a brave pill if needed, and then point out just how ridiculous we look by asking for such a pointless correction.  Your boss will thank you in the end.