Content marketing is now yesterday's marketing buzzword. Today, the phrase on every savvy marketers' lips is 'account based marketing'.  

It will, if you are to believe the army of self-proclaimed marketing gurus, deliver a better customer service, remove marketing silos, reduce the sales cycle, and increase in the bottom line.  And if you're not doing it, more fool you. 

Account based marketing is, as far as I can tell, nothing new. It is another name for key account management, or in plain English - marketing to clients or customers.

All marketers, and indeed anyone in business, will know that is is easier to win new sales from existing customers than chasing new ones.  And in most cases, businesses will, almost without thinking and in often very subtle ways, be marketing to their existing clients and customers.  It is called looking after your customers/clients.

Of course, it is sensible to have an integrated approach to marketing to existing clients and customers - and in my experience most firms do.  And I'm all for creating new labels for marketing disciplines, if it encourages better practice.  But sometimes, it pays to tell it as it is.