It is a pretty stupid question, but one that raises some interesting questions of the much used and abused 'content marketing' label. 

The Drum magazine in a new column called The Promotion Fix takes content marketing to task. 

It asks when did anyone ever read a book or walk out of a movie saying 'what great content'. Hemingway, the author concludes, was never called a content creator.

Content marketing is just another name for what marketers have been doing for ever.  

All successful marketing activity - whether advertising, public relations, direct mail, events - relies on good and engaging content.  Tell a story and capture the imagination. 

Professional services firms, I would argue, have lead the way in successful content-led marketing for decades. My very first job at the long-forgotten Wilde Sapte included managing of a vast library of market and legal insights that where shared with clients.  We didn't call it content marketing or direct mail - we called it marketing.

Unlike the author of this new column, I don't really care what we call it - content marketing is fine with me.  Whatever you call it, just make sure it is engaging, insightful and tells a good story.