HR and marketing are increasingly natural bedfellows, yet all too often have little to do with each other. 

For professional services firms that does not make sense.

Putting internal comms to one side - an area where the two do work together (and often compete with each other) - Moore Stephens' marketing manager Rachel Thomas hits the nail on the head in her article below. 

But there is much more that can be done. 

Take, for example, the legal market. The competition for good people, particularly in areas like real estate, is ferocious.  

How do you persuade recruiters to push your role over that of other firms?  Good relationships with recruiters are essential, but often not enough.   Whilst I am sure they would never admit it, headhunters do steer individuals away from certain firms. 

Perception is everything.

One simple step HR and marketing teams can take together is to create a quarterly or half-yearly newsletter/update for recruiters. 

Include information on recent deals, new clients, a focus on a practice, a client profile or case study, and cherry pick comments from client feedback programmes.