The new breed of online news outlets and broadcasters were quick to claim victory for share of eyeballs following the Trump election.

Buzzfeed and Facebook claimed viewing figures in the high millions.  It was, as The Sun claimed in the 1992 UK election, "Facebook wot won it". 

But all is not as it seems.  Mark Ritson, in his usual colourful way, rips apart the headline figures to look at the average audience per minute - the measure used by Nielsen when measuring TV viewing figures. 

Suddenly, the numbers fall apart. Buzzfeed and Twitter's share of eyeballs falls to just 0.2%.  Or as Ritson puts it, "for every lonely viewer watching the election on Twitter, 80 were watching on CNN, 73 on Fox and 67 on NBC." 

These numbers are important - not just for the advertisers, but for PRs.

Mainstream TV still trumps the online upstarts.  And not just on the big set pieces, but in almost every way.