Many law firms and individual lawyers blog, but the question often asked of marketing and BD teams is do they actually make a difference and win work? 

Well, according to US GCs and in-house counsel, they do influence buying behaviour. 

But, and here's the rub; those blogs that are successful do more than just explain points of law - they provide a insight into the personality of the firm or individual lawyer. 

The law can be quite dry.  It is all too easy for a blog to simply set out the facts of a piece of legislation or a case, concluding with a paragraph or two of guidance.  It could be written by any law firm, anywhere.

I'm sure these are helpful exercises for trainees and are probably read by someone somewhere. 

But those blogs that really work are those with a spark - a lawyer or firm with an opinion.  That opinion will, of course, reflect the genuine needs of clients.