We all have to write from time to time as part of our work.  It may be a quick email, a tweet, content for a client newsletter, an article for a trade newspaper, or a personal blog. 

Some people will agonise long and hard over what the pen, others can fire off words with little apparent thought.  Most of us will, however, recognise good and bad writing.

A survey reported in the Harvard Business Review makes interesting reading.  in short, we all over-estimate how good our own writing is. 

The article offers some useful tips that all writers would do well to keep in mind. I would add a few others.

Be concise. Think about what you want to say, and say it briefly. 

Grammar. Keep it simple.  Short sentences and short paragraphs will help a reader.

Review. Read and re-read what you have written. If in doubt, ask someone else to read.

Criticism. Don't take it to heart, and learn from it.