Influencer marketing has finally lost its mind. Reports of £143,000 for a short YouTube video, £75K for one Instagram post and £30,000 for a single tweet are, apparently, not uncommon.  

It is difficult to understand how or why any brand can see that as a worthwhile investment. 

And now a UK college is offering a course on how to be a 'social influencer'.  Surely, the first signs of decline. 

Influencer marketing works as part of a wider marketing strategy.  Seen as a one off spend it will surely fail in the same way a single advert or a one week PR push will. 

The vloggers charging £140K or more are not interested in building campaigns - why would they. Bank the cash and mug the next brand.

The B2B space, and particularly professional services firms, have long embraced influencer marketing - and at a tiny fraction of the cost. 

Use clients to help tell your story.  A short video interview with an interesting MD or CFO will carry considerable weight and influence with others looking to address similar issues or working in the same sector.