How many professional services firms would be happy to described as 'nice'? 

It is quite bland, and a word used when we can't really think of anything better to say.   

Surely it is better to be known as dynamic, innovative, forward thinking, client-focused and with a global reach.  Or so say the branding experts.

A 'nice firm' doesn't really cut it, does it? 

Well, its time to take back and claim nice.  Being a nice firm is not a bad thing. 

South West law firm Stephens Scown has done just that - and you can read their story in the latest edition of The Briefing at

Six years ago Stephens Scown was hammered in a staff survey - it wasn't a nice place to work.  And that surely filters through to the client experience. 

Its turnaround - into a nice firm - is a more than a nice read.  It is quite inspiring.

And my favourite line - the firm's marketing head persuaded his partners to allow him to buy a historic VW camper van that staff and clients can use for weekends away.  

That is more than a nice gesture - it really is innovative, dynamic and forward thinking.