Facebook has at long last updated its 'like' function with a host of emoticons, or emojis.

First an admission; I don't use emojis.  At all. They do seem a little childish - my kids certainly use them a lot.  But that is probably the point - they are not aimed at the 'dad' generation. 

But, the update is good news for Facebook users, and for marketers. 

I've always had a problem with Facebook's 'like' button.  I do 'like' things, but how do you respond to a bad news post?  'Liking' the death of a much loved pet, or worse a family member, just seems weird. 

Emojis solve that.

And for marketers?  Well, the use of different emojis will provide invaluable insights into customer/client/staff reaction to content.  

Brands will easily be able to see what content resonates with its audiences, and amend accordingly.  

Now that I like.