One of the joys of editing the PSMG Magazine - - is the large number of press releases I get sent.  They come in thick and fast from a wide variety of industry sectors. 

One of my recent favourites came from a lovely PR person working for a luxury dog food brand (how do they know?), trying to persuade the PSMG Magazine to carry a story because 'lawyers love dogs too'.  Sadly, it didn't make the cut.

More recently, I have seen a large number of infographics arriving in my Inbox with the suggestion that I might like use them in the PSMG Magazine.  Most arrive unaccompanied with supporting story.

I love infographics - they can be a great way to illustrate a point or help tell a story.  But they do need a story.  On their own they are, largely, meaningless.   When did you last see a sensible title carry an infographic in isolation?

Use infographics sparingly, and make sure they support and add to the story you are trying to tell.  Otherwise they are just a waste of time.