Allowing television cameras into the courts at sentencing has been broadly welcomed by both media organisations and the legal professional.

Yet there are concerns.

Media organisations will naturally cherry pick the juicy bits leaving viewers without the full and often complex picture leading to further criticism. 

But they have been doing that for decades anyway - a lot of court proceedings are achingly dull. 

Sitting alongside this announcement, however, is a really interesting idea - the creation of 'press judges'.  

These will be judges who will take the time to explain what a decision means and its implications. A super PR for the judiciary, so to speak. 

It will not be a role to take on lightly - many of our media organisations do not look favourable towards the judiciary.  

The Daily Mail in 2016 called them 'Enemies of the People', and more recently The Daily Telegraph ran the headline 'The judges versus the people'. 

Yet it must be a good move to help demystify and explain complex court proceedings, highlighting their own impartiality.

But they will need to chosen carefully and given the support and backing they need - both from government and clever media advisers.