I am a big fan of Passle and so too are the UK's top 200 law firms.  

Passle reports that over 34,000 separate pieces of content were created and shared on its platform in 2018.  That is on average 194 pieces per firm - or one post every other day. 

And that is on top of law firms own publishing and PR efforts. 

Passle is designed to help busy professionals stand out from the crown, but when the crowd joins you on Passle how can you stand out? 

Some thoughts:
- Choose commentary themes carefully. Become a subject matter expert rather than a loud mouthed frog.
- Add to the debate. Don't simply recite what is already written.
- Have an opinion. Boring content will be ignored.
- Keep it regular. Engagement will not happen if you post once in a blue moon.
- Read widely. Draw your inspiration from many sources.
- Keep it brief.