Professional services firms are excellent at churning out marketing communications.  Newsletters, client briefings, blogs, thought leadership, video, social media, sponsorships - the list is endless. 

But how many firms take a step back and ask 'what is the purpose of all of this content'? 

I am sure marketing teams would respond with many different and worthy answers.  But the answer should always be to steal a piece of the spotlight. 

The Ad Contrarian, whilst not writing about the professions, sums it up perfectly - 'We don't control the product; we don't control the pricing; we don't control the distribution. We only control the message.'

And when the product is complex that can be a challenge - and one all too often ducked. 

The challenges facing professional services marketers are not unique.  Many other sectors are as equally complex. 

But when it is so difficult to differentiate one from from another, to compete for a share of voice, and when clients and prospects are bombarded with 'content', it is surely time for marketing communicators to take a step back and ask are we stealing a piece of the spotlight?