A sprinkle of celebrity stardust can go a long way.  Whilst consumer brands have long known that, the professions have yet to catch-on.

Just look at the Daily Mail Online today - motoring lawyer Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, is the lead story following David Beckham escaping penalty on, you guessed it, a technicality.  

Mr Loophole's splash in the Mail will almost inevitable lead to new work - and lots of it.

Not every law firm will count Becks as a client or be able to grab the front page of the Daily Mail, so it would be easy to dismiss this as just another tabloid story. 

But take a step back.  Look at your clients.  Why should they not help you with your marketing and PR? 

If your market is the tech space, why not ask your tech clients to help tell your story?  The same can work with private clients, property deals, in fact almost every industry sector.

So why don't firms do this?  In most cases it appears that partners don't want to hassle their clients.  Which is a pretty poor excuse. 

Firms should not overlook the power of endorsement.