Greeting in Christ.  I come to you in strictest confidence in this transaction.  We are the official office of the givers of the finest quality and researched legal awards.  We are in possession of millions of highly valuable awards and we have to take them out of our loved country and bestow them on you and your legal colleagues.

RollonFriday has triumphed in highlighting again the phoney legal awards scams. 

Echoing Nigerian email fraud, RoF created a fake Nigerian law firm - FLF Abiola & Co - specialising in film financing.  FLF standing for Fake Law Firm. 

The firm's fake managing partner nominated the firm for the self-styled 'Film Financing Law Firm of the Year in Nigeria'

And quickly, Corporate INTL and Finance Monthly responding, granting the fake firm an award claiming that the firm had receive many votes to claim the prize. 

The prize - the right to use a logo - comes, of course, at a cost. 

Even today, I walk into the offices of many top flight law firms to see the silverware on display.  Awards from Corporate INTL and Finance Monthly are usually there.  

Despite 20 plus years in the sector I have not once seen the magazines they profess to publish, not met anyone who has been asked to vote.

They simply play on the egos and gullibility of some who work in the legal market.

Thankfully, most marketing teams spot the idiocy of these awards and ignore them.   Well done to RoF for calling them out.