There are few annual political events that generate as many column inches as the Budget.  And this year's Budget has never been more keenly watched as Brexit looms large.

The Budget presents a real challenge for professional services PRs.  Many law firms will leave alone, allowing their accountancy colleagues to shine.

That is understandable (and a mistake).  The Big Four, and those nipping at their heels, will have heavily manned 'Budget war-rooms' commenting on every twist and turn.  Smaller and mid-tier accountancy firms will use their strong connections with local and sector press gaining a share of voice. It is almost impossible to compete. 

So what should law firms do? 

The first mistake is to simple echo what the Chancellor says?  This is utterly pointless and adds nothing.  Journalists are looking for insight, opinion and analysis. 

Better to pick on a small number of announcements and comment on the impact they are likely to have on clients.  You may not receive blanket press coverage, but you will be included in the media that really count. 

Speed is also critical.  Comment needs to be with journalists within hours of the Chancellor finishing with "I commend this Budget to the House".  Any later than 4pm and the game is over.

For those firms with a more nervous disposition, wait until the dust and settled, examine the details behind the headlines and then offer editorials to key trade and sector press.  Again, speed and a strong opinion is key.