Journalists drink too much, cannot regulate emotions, and have a below average ability to suppress bias, manage emotions, solve complex problems, and show creative and flexible thinking.

It also suggests that hacks do have an above average ability to deal with ideas, to make connections where others do not see them, and to sift through information easily to pick out what is important.

The research also found that the Pope is a Catholic and bears....well you get the picture. 

This research, based on a small sample of 40 journalists and carried out with the London Press Club is unlikely to surprise those working in PR - although we are likely never to say so (or not at least out loud). 

Anyone who regularly pitches ideas to press - whether at national, local or trade - will recognise some of that description. 

So how can PRs use this valuable insight? 

Keep pitches to journalists brief, and step out of the office and join them for a beer.