Twitter has been a thing since 2006, and has been widely embraced by many industries for almost as long.  

It always amuses me that it remains a subject for so much debate and discussion in the legal profession.  It really shouldn't be so. 

Most law firms will have a corporate Twitter feed, and they are a sure cure for insomnia.  

Increasingly, law firm PR teams will also have their own dedicated Twitter account; they too can be pretty dry.  I can't think of any significant announcement having been made primarily through such an account. 

There are, however, plenty of engaging lawyers on Twitter: @Markslarks (Mark Stephens), @TheMRLoophole (Nick Freeman), and as @edrayesjourno in his article below highlights, @jolyonMaugham.

What makes them successful - they have a voice, an opinion and are happy to share, signpost and inform (and even entertain). 

Yes, of course, thought needs to be given to what you say, but no more so than what you would say in front of colleagues or peers.