There is so much that is wrong with the King & Wood Malleson debacle that it beggars belief. 

The way the firm lives its 'The Power of Together' brand highlights just one problem: just how do you successfully brand a very disparate collection of individuals? 

'The Power of Together' spilled over into the pages of the Daily Mail in January 2017 when two of its star partners had a very public spat.  

It really was astonishing seeing some of the finest legal minds resort to playground taunts.

 So what should communications professionals and indeed the firm management do? 

Well, in this situation, I would suggest sit back and enjoy the show.  The KWM story had already long descended into farce. 

But in any other firm surely the role of a managing partner is to do just that - manage partners, and particularly those tempted to dispense wisdom at such a sensitive time and publicly. 

And to branding?  Perhaps a brand that focuses less on people.