It's a paper people love to hate, so why do so many people read it? 

Well according to the latest readership survey only 5% of the population do read it, so why therefore does it have so much power and influence?

In my view a couple of reasons, firstly because the media that provides a natural balance to it haven't been strong enough or vocal enough in calling it out.

The less the Mail is challenged on issues such as accuracy and integrity, then it will carry on regardless. 

The influence it has stems back to a time when a news organisations' identity was firmly backed by strong principles. The newspaper you bought into each day said a lot about your family and status in life.

I think though it's real influence lies in the online platform and especially the readers' comments. No other media organisation comes as close to having its finger on the pulse of the public. Whether you agree with it or not, we all want to know what real people think about real issues. 

 Until the public decides that they are fed up with or strongly disagree with what the Mail brings to them, then it will be as influential for many year's to come.