You can imagine the job ad now - "Leading global law firm seeks new marketing/BD/Comms.  Not required to provide strategic advice on firm's future direction, will often be ignored." 

This is, says a survey published in The American Lawyer this week not that far from the truth.

C-suite non-lawyer professionals feel under-utilised with little influence over how their firm is run, despite often managing marketing budgets in excess of US$2m. 

Despite many marketing and BD teams pulling their firms up by their bootstraps, the role is still largely unrewarding and unrecognised. 

We are, in part, to blame. Unlike our colleagues in FMCG and B&C brands, we do not celebrate our successes and achievements. 

Rarely in the past 12 years as editor of the PSMG Magazine have I seem a marketing team approach me wanting to showcase their work or latest campaign.  Why not? 

Marketing and BD teams need to focus as much on the internal marketing of what they do and their achievements as they do on marketing their fee-earning colleagues.