Most of us will be familiar with pop-up shops - retailers that exists for just a few days or weeks before disappearing. 

As well as adding a little excitement to our now rather bland high streets, they allow retailers to test the water for new stores or products. 

The trend is gathering pace - pop-up restaurants, bars, cinemas, clubs.

But who would have thought newspapers?  Surely they take time, planning, journalists, advertisers and cash - a lot of cash.  The short-lived New Day is still fresh in our minds.

Today we say hello to The New European  -  

It is the UK's very first pop-up paper.  And it looks rather good.  How long it will last - well, that is up to us.  Its publishers, Archant, have committed to four weekly issues and then will decide. 

I like the idea of pop-up newspapers - anything that  gives a new lease of life to our ailing publishing industry has to be welcome. 

And a newspaper with a strong or single view of the world will make it easier for PRs to engage too.