Press 1 for for new customers, press 2 for billing, press 3 to lose the will to live. 

Contacting a customer service department is perhaps the most painful experience any consumer can face. 

The one point of contact many businesses have with their customers post sale and they almost always mess it up. 

All the money spent on building a brand is trashed in that endless cycle of call options and faceless call centres.

And professional services firms, the space where I work, are not let off the hook. They may not have customer services teams, but they do conduct client satisfaction surveys and client listening surveys. 

All too often we see firms focus on the lovely things clients say, and sweep under the corporate carpet the less than encouraging comments. 

Marketing/BD teams should share the results of client surveys with their PR and comms teams. 

Use the data provided to identify issue that are important to the client - these should be your future PR themes.  

Use also the data to see where potential problems might be - and prepare for them