I am a big fan of Robert Peston - he is a terrific example of what makes the press in the UK the best in the world.  His insights are always spot on.  

And I am not particularly surprised to hear that he does not hold our trade, PR, in high regard, when he gave earlier this month the British Journalism Review lecture.

He is wrong, however, to see PR as the enemy.

The thirst for hard news and infotainment has never been greater at a time when the traditional media's influence is under threat from social media. 

The PR industry has grown as traditional media wanes and new outlets appear to fill gaps.  

And in a world dominated by social media, where a small story can be a global issue in a matter of moment, the management of reputation matters more than ever. 

The dance between hacks and flacks was always thus, and will always be.  Bad behaviour by businesses, celebs, or local or national politicians will always be held to account by the world's finest journalists.