The celebrity known as PJS in the UK, and by his real name everywhere else, will find out this morning whether the Supreme Court will uphold his or her anonymity. 

We currently find ourselves in the bizarre position where we can pick up a newspaper in London forbidden from publishing his or her name, jump on a plane and seven hours later pick up a newspaper in New York and read all about it. 

The comms (and legal) strategies behind this saga really should be questioned.

They have extended the life of this story by weeks, if not months, creating a frenzy of activity.  

Most of us now know who s/he is thanks to the internet, and the extravagant lifestyle the couple enjoy.  

And when, if, the injunction is lifted that individual will be splashed all over the papers, and other aspects of their private lives scrutinised. 

I suspect The Sun, if not ham-strung by this injunction, would have run the story and then it would all be forgotten a few days later.  Now s/he will be remembered for all time.