David Morley, the senior partner at Allen & Overy has given an interesting interview to BDLN.  It is wide ranging - from A&O's brand (The world's most advanced law firm), answering emails and leadership. 

The part of the interview that caught my attention, however, is the firm's recruiting strategy - wanting lawyers with commercial acumen and a curiosity to understand the drivers behind a client's business.

He wants lawyers that can see the "story behind the balance sheet". 

I wonder if that policy extends to the firm's marketing and business development team.  In fact, I wonder how many marketing people can find their way around a set of accounts?  And what about the story behind their firm's own numbers? 

Marketing and BD teams are busy (we always are), but I would recommend that if you were to do one thing this year, that should be learn how to interpret a set of accounts.  It is an invaluable skill.