Pretty much anyone working in professional services marketing will have sat through the client seminar. 

The prospect of a 45 minute (if you're lucky) to a one and a half hour update on some dry legal update or tax change is not always an exciting prospect.

Most attend, I am sure, not for sparkling insights, but for the networking before and afterwards. 

Most marketers will also be familiar with the popular TED Talks, and perhaps wonder why our lawyers/accountants/surveyors can't be a little more like them. 

This article - from the US-based Science of People and based on hundreds of TED viewings and interviews - includes a great list of what makes a successful TED Talk.  

They should service as a pointer for anyone preparing to give a talk or presentation. 

In summary:

- Non-verbal as important as what you say

- Jazz hands.  Hand movement helps understanding and improves trust

- Scripts kill charisma. Use power point to illustrate your points, not as a script

- Smile - it makes you look smarter, even if subject matter is difficult 

- And you have just seven seconds to win your audience.