Are UK PR agencies ageist? PR Week asks this week, following research published by agency FleishmanHillard Fishburn.

The report highlights that the average age of UK agency PRs chiefs are under 44.  The research doesn't extend to other agency positions or in-house roles, but I suspect the findings would be very similar, with the average age falling away. 

PR it seems is a young persons' game. 

This very point was put into sharp focus this week when I met a hugely experience global PR head who had worked until recently in professional services. 

Now in her mid-50s she was struggling to find a role - any role.  She was either too experienced or not the right experience.  She, and I agree, believes that is all rubbish and that she is seen as just too old.

Now too the wrong side of 45 I start wondering what my own future might hold. 

This is a shocking position for our industry to find itself in.  The PR profession claims to be coming of age, but cannot face ageing itself.  

Surely our clients, who will employ people of all ages and with products and services aimed at every generation, needs practitioners with a few grey hairs and a wealth of experience.