There are few genuinely new things that pop up in the professional services marketing world.  We typically take what already exists and repurpose it for our own sector.

So when Passle arrived on the scene many may have dismissed it as just yet another piece of kit competing for our attention.  Yet it deserves a closer look. 

A large part of the marketing team's role - whether  PR, pitching, thought-leadership or everyday marcoms - is positioning individuals and teams as experts.  This is time-consuming and often a hit-and-miss affair.  In practice, it is just a relatively small number of fee-earners that engage. 

Passle adds another, perhaps the most useful, string to the marketing team's bow.  It enables individuals to quickly and easily take the first steps towards becoming the go-to expert.  

The biggest hurdle most would-be experts face is what to say.  Passle enables you to use other people's content together with your own brief commentary.  The post is a good example.

If you haven't already done so, I would recommend exploring Passle further.  It is the first time in many years that I have seen something that genuinely fills a gap in the marketing tool kit.